EMERGE: Strategic Leadership for the Sustainable Building Community

Emerge Front Cover Only“EMERGE comes at a critical time for the green building community. We have come far in terms of technological advances, but we lag behind in our ability to create deeper change. This practical and thought-provoking book will exercise leadership muscles we didn’t know we had and become a must for the practitioner’s night stand.” Lucia Athens, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Austin

“…This is a must read for anyone working with the built environment.”Eric Corey Freed, Architect & Author of Green Building for Dummies and 10 other books

 “well worth reading for anyone…trying to make a difference.” — Ann Edminster, Architect. Author of Energy Homes for a Small Planet

Bonus Materials (Enter the access code provided in the “Author’s Final Note” on page 163) 

Author Kathleen O’Brien brings 30-plus years as an award-winning educator, writer, strategic planner, and project consultant in the sustainable building field to her work as Founder of the EMERGE Leadership Project. Through this project, O’Brien has been providing leadership development support including training, mentoring, and tools to green building professionals and advocates with the ultimate goal of making this world a better place for all living species, now and into the future.

Members of the sustainable building community who have participated in EMERGE programs have successfully launched policy initiatives, commercial enterprises, professional career transitions, community projects and more. The sustainability coordinator of one leading design firm has called EMERGE training “life-altering.”  Now, O’Brien shares the strategic leadership model that is at the core of EMERGE programs, along with case studies, practical guidance, a personal leadership development template, and bonus exercises to assist you on your personal leadership journey.

More about the Author:

KOBPhoto-BookKathleen O’Brien, LEED AP, CSBA, is a long time leader in the sustainable building field, recognized in 2008 as a lifetime Cascadia Fellow for her work developing collaborative green building programs, conducting research to support enabling green building policy, coordinating policy demonstration projects, and empowering professionals through tailored continuing education curriculum. She earned an MA Environment & Community at Antioch University-Seattle where she was recognized as Distinguished Alumna in 2009, and now sits as a Board Trustee.   EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community is her second book; her first book, The Northwest Green Home Primer, was published in 2008.

BOOK BONUS PORTAL: Enter the access code provided in the “Author’s Final Note” (page 163) and you’ll be connected to the following BONUS Materials:

  • A Personal Leadership Development Plan Template (editable pdf)
  • A document containing exercises to enrich your understanding of the book’s concepts
  • A document containing all the links provided in the e-book. We have tried our best to make sure these links are correct as of our publication date. Ergo, because links do what they do (break on occasion) you may need to google search key words to find the resource we have identified in the book text.
  • A list of GOODREADS. This is a very short list of books O’Brien suggests you take the time to read in addition to EMERGE. If you want more, there’s a longer more inclusive list in the EMERGE Leadership Project website’s RESOURCE page, which has been developed by EMERGE Faculty.

Also, in 2014, Kathleen recorded 20 presentations and interviews on many of the topics covered in the book. These videos are offered as a FREE COURSE on HEAT SPRING*,  the premiere educational platform for professionals in the sustainable building community. Read the book, watch the videos, and take advantage of the bonus materials to turbo-boost your leadership capacity.

Says Kathleen, “we need more leaders, more effectively working at multiple points in our organizations and communities,” and offers this to help “accelerate” our progress toward a thriving, life-sustaining environment!”

“Kathleen has given a great gift to the green building community…using her considerable experience and leadership to describe a coherent path forward around the paradigm of ‘emergent leadership.’ This book provides you with an opportunity to increase your effectiveness, reach, and personal transformation both for you and for those you hope to serve as a ‘servant leader.’  I recommend this book.” Jason McLennan, Architect, Author and Developer of the Living Building Challenge and related tools.

*HeatSpring is an online education company offering a robust portfolio of technical, expert-led trainings for leaders in clean energy and green building. Students earn continuing education credits for AIA, LEED, NABCEP, BPI, and more and access knowledge and real-world skills necessary to continue making a positive change in the world.