EMERGE Sustenance for the Sustainable Building Community This November

ELP Community - BridgeIn this very noisy “election” season, it’s easy to lose touch with what’s important and right at hand. At our jobs, in our communities, and in our families we can all be more effective in modeling a positive vision, and take steps that make a tangible difference.  For the sustainable building community, this means advancing, on a daily basis, life-sustaining principles of development in the built environment. This is not easy to do, ever, but especially if you feel alone.

This November you have the opportunity to get some collegial sustenance and support from the EMERGE Leadership Project for this work.  Please join Kathleen O’Brien, founder of the non-profit, and author of the guide Jason McLennan calls a “gift”, EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community at the following events.

Sustainable Connections’ Sustainable Design & Development Conference.  (November 2-3, Bellingham Washington): On the opening day, Kathleen O’Brien, founder of EMERGE will lead us in a leadership wisdom exercise and speak to the community building element of the EMERGE Leadership Model.  (Signed copies of her book will be available at the conference bookstore.)

The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s Green Building Slam. (November 4, Seattle, Washington): Come be inspired by 10 fast-paced talks about remarkable green building projects.  Kathleen will be rooting along with you in the audience. The Guild will be raffling off a signed copy of her new book.

The Northwest Ecobuilding Guild’s Northwest Green 2016. (November 5, Seattle, Washington): A gathering of deep green practitioners, with keynoters John Abrams of South Mountain Company, and Paul Fallon of Architecture by Moonlight and an expo, including an opportunity for conversation with Kathleen at the EMERGE Leadership Project booth. And yes, signed copies of her new book will be available at a special event price.

EMERGE Leadership Workshop (November 10, Las Vegas, Nevada): A compact, one-day version of the highly respected emerge leadership workshop. Hosted and presented by B-Corp Greenview Global (Daniel Huard, Dave Ray, and Rick Van Diepen). Kathleen will be featured guest. Attendees all receive a signed book as part of registration.


EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community is available in print and e-book formats on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In addition to this highly regarded book, all purchasers can access book bonus materials available at www.emergeleadershipthebook.org using a password provided in the Author’s Final Note. Bonus materials include links to exercises, recordings aligned with chapters in the book, as well as templates.