Buddies Get Boost at EMERGE Summit

IMG_0475It’s frequently helpful to have someone with whom to discuss your EMERGE goals with and share victories and challenges. The EMERGE Alumni 2016 Summit coming up on Saturday, February 27 is a perfect opportunity to kickstart your buddy system for 2016:

Do you know of an EMERGER who would like to attend the Summit but is a little low on cash right now? Register on behalf of your friend and come as a pair!

Do you value a colleague who you think has the “EMERGE Spirit” but hasn’t been able to take the workshop?  Please invite them to the EMERGE Summit.

Or just come yourself and hook up with another alumni at the Summit.

A PAIR OF SPONSORED REGISTRATIONS: Julie Kriegh of Kriegh Architecture Studio has offered to sponsor two (2) paid seats for emergent buddies.  Please contact Kathleen@emergeleadershipproject.org to let her know if you would like to take these seats and who your buddy is for the event. (make sure your buddy is committed before contact EMERGE!)