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Buddies Get Boost at EMERGE Summit

IMG_0475It’s frequently helpful to have someone with whom to discuss your EMERGE goals with and share victories and challenges. The EMERGE Alumni 2016 Summit coming up on Saturday, February 27 is a perfect opportunity to kickstart your buddy system for 2016:

Do you know of an EMERGER who would like to attend the Summit but is a little low on cash right now? Register on behalf of your friend and come as a pair!

Do you value a colleague who you think has the “EMERGE Spirit” but hasn’t been able to take the workshop?  Please invite them to the EMERGE Summit.

Or just come yourself and hook up with another alumni at the Summit.

A PAIR OF SPONSORED REGISTRATIONS: Julie Kriegh of Kriegh Architecture Studio has offered to sponsor two (2) paid seats for emergent buddies.  Please contact to let her know if you would like to take these seats and who your buddy is for the event. (make sure your buddy is committed before contact EMERGE!)

Creating and Living the Story is the Theme of This Year’s Alumni Event

OntheWayEvery organization, every individual, every community is living a story, whether conscious of it or not.

By clarifying what that story is, an emergent leader is more able to do a number of things:

Reveal the layers of story, some of which are likely to conflict with the vision the story represents, while others may actually be the “gem” that needs to be polished; Influence the narrative arc, by better aligning story elements; and  create positive change using story.

Story can help you animate projects and ideas for your clients, communities, businesses in a way that data dumps and checklists just can’t. At the Summit, in addition to connecting with each other, eating healthy,delicous food, and enjoying a beautiful spot on island waterfront, we’ll explore story – how to create it and live it to achieve the positive change we want to see in the world.  This will include some story telling – something we don’t often do very well in our professional lives.

Please register today. If you are telling yourself — “not sure I have the time” – that’s just one possible story. Come join us! Reserve your place.

And enjoy these highlights of a radio interview I did in early February with EMERGE Alumni and Board Member Meisha Rouser. We talk about story as a leadership mechanism for change. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Calling ALL EMERGERS-Reserve Your Summit Seat Today!

IMG_0475 FullSizeRenderThe Annual EMERGE Alumni summit is coming up and it’s time to reserve your place — NOW. We’re planning the program, and we want to make sure we have enough food, enough program materials, and appropriate activities sized to the group (Photos are from last year’s Summit).  So register today!

In the EMERGE Leadership Model the context of community is just important as emergent leadership principles and change science. That’s because we really can’t achieve what we want to by ourselves. It’s that simple. We need to laugh, learn, and love together if we’re going to lead effectively. (Our program theme this year is “Creating and Living the Story” so we’ll have activities focused on story-telling.)

To be very clear: this Summit is an opportunity for ANY individual who has attended ANY EMERGE workshop, seminar, presentation to come connect in a relaxing, fun, and nourishing (great food, guys!) and beautiful (island waterfront) atmosphere.  Please note that the site does max out at 35 — which is what we did last year — so register today!!!

The summit is priced very affordably to cover our program costs, which this year includes a courtesy advance pdf of “EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community” — my new book describing the model and offering practical guidance for applying it in your organization, projects, and community initiatives.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: When you go to the registration link you’ll have the option to register off-line; if you choose this option, we’ll confirm by email, send you an invoice and you can pay by check by sending the appropriate amount to The EMERGE Leadership Project, 321 High School Road, Ste D3 #715, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.  The cost is $80 including a delicious lunch catered by the Metro Cafe, or $55 (bring your own).  If you opt to pay by credit card on the website, there will be a slight surcharge to cover payment services.  (If you have challenges with the latter, let me know and we can take credit card payment information over the phone.  In fact, if you have challenges with any part of the registration process, do NOT hesitate to give me a call, see my mobile below. Don’t be shy!)

Okay, I want to see the room filled with EMERGERS. Last year, when we were having our closing discussions…everyone was very clear – “we want more of this!” So let’s do it. Let me know today what you are planning. And happy Spring Festival to any monkey folks out there.