If you have a leadership headache, we prescribe EMERGE

KO-Introvert-Chapter 1The next EMERGE Leadership Workshop for green building professionals and advocates is scheduled for January 8-10, 2016. If you seek help with leadership development this program is for you.

Over 200 professionals and advocates in the sustainability field have attended the EMERGE Leadership Workshop. They’ve come with leadership headaches they wanted to address, and left with solutions.  Just a few examples:

A municipal green building team leader’s ideas get the attention they deserve: “I’m now the go-to person for my City.”  City of Kirkland Planner, David Barnes.

A non-profit director launches a new program bringing energy and water savings to affordable multi-family housing: “The launch of the RENEW program realizes our mission…to reach deep into the current affordable building stock in the Puget Sound Region.” Emerald Cities Director-Seattle, Steve Gelb

An architect publishes research on the relationship between behavior and energy and presents it in national and international venues: “We absolutely know how to design buildings and neighborhoods that promote well-being and abundance, but behavior is the wild card.” Kreigh Architecture’s Principal, Julie Kriegh

A project manager finds a new position combining her expertise in green building with her love for sports: “My new job is to place Washington on the international outdoor recreation for mountain biking. Among other things, land preservation and trail building projects will be a part of my job.”  Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance’s new Executive Director, Yvonne Kraus

An environmental activist spearheads an initiative to fund a grassroots project building climate resilience and sustainability: “We are very excited about Cool Blocks LA! We are hoping this project will bring together teams of LA neighbors and support them in building climate- and water-wise, resilient, and socially connected communities across LA, block by block.”  Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance Chair, Laura Mack

An international engineering firm’s sustainability director begins to infuse integrative design concepts into project planning, benefitting the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank’s Headquarters in Turin, one of the first high rise towers to achieve LEED Platinum rating in Italy.  “The team was willing to try, even if we weren’t able to apply the ideal integrative design process perfectly, and that made an incredible difference in what we were able to accomplish.” Jacobs’ Sustainability Director, Greg Kight

A real estate investment analyst and educator co-authors a year-long study investigating the relationship between energy efficiency, green certification and home value in the Pacific Northwest.  (Turns out its positive.) “The study is groundbreaking in that it is the first study nationally to check energy efficient/green certified listings with the certification programs, as well as breakdown data results by MLS geographic areas, making the results particularly significant to appraisers, lenders, real estate brokers and of course our green building community.” SEEC LLC  Principal, Fiona Douglas-Hamilton

Says Kathleen O’Brien, Executive Director of The EMERGE Leadership Project: “Truly special people are drawn to EMERGE. They believe in the value of working towards true sustainability…and they feel compelled to lead in the effort. EMERGE turns out to be the boost they need to take that ‘special’ further.”

You can do it. Register for the next EMERGE workshop: http://emergeleadershipproject.org/events/islandwood-emerge-leadership-weekend-residency/