Thank you. We want you to do more.

Thank you for the work you do advancing sustainability in the built environment. We want you to do more. That sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it?  But there’s a way to lead that’s more effective, less demanding, and as a result less stressful — on you and those you hope to influence.  Consider attending the EMERGE Leadership Workshop at IslandWood January 8-10, a weekend residency designed to provide greenbuilding professionals working in the private, public, and/or non-profit sectors, with tailored leadership development training and resources based on the collaborative, systems-based EMERGE Leadership Model. Think of it as the care and feeding of the best advocates we have for creating a truly life-sustaining communities. That’s you.

We limit attendance to 20-plus to maintain an evocative, inspirational, and informative learning environment. This year, registrants will get an advance PDF copy of “Emerge: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community.” But you can read about this and other value-adds at