GiveBig to The EMERGE Leadership Project on TUESDAY, MAY 5th: Reason #3

Give Big May 5 2015In recent posts we have covered the main thrust of our GiveBig Fundraising campaign: to expand the impact of the EMERGE Leadership Project by preparing more green building professionals and sustainability advocates to lead, and to do so strategically. We’ve already detailed two ways we hope to do this, through workshop scholarships to enhance government and non-profit participation, and through widespread distribution at low- to no-cost of “Practicing Emergent Leadership: Leading for Change”
The third item on our fundraising wish list is to hold community workshops that bring the message of emergent leadership to stakeholders hoping to address community development issues, typically contentious, in a more collaborative, solution-oriented manner. We are already in discussions with stakeholders in one community to hold such a workshop.
Why are we so intent on providing emergent leadership training and mentoring to more and more individuals committed to creating a thriving and life sustaining environment?
Because it works:
• A state-wide energy initiative spearheaded by an EMERGE alumni with support from the EMERGE leadership community;
• a storefront design studio offering convenient and affordable guidance to prospective clients as well as green building training to local contractors opening one year after the project was the subject of an EMERGE workshop scenario;
• the first design co-operative getting a good headstart with an EMERGE organizational retreat;
• an architectural intern at an affordable housing non-profit getting a serious boost in confidence being featured at an international conference;
• a young designer achieving her 90-day professional goals in 90 days, including getting a prized seat on a city planning review board;
• a member of a city’s planning commission successfully getting support for a sustainability initiative; a faculty member receiving a leadership award from the university for her “exceptional contributions”;
• a young woman considering a professional transition crediting EMERGE for her creative approach to researching her options and opportunities – “It was one of the goals in my EMERGE personal leadership development plan!”
And more!
Please support this results-oriented leadership program, focused on a cause you believe in – creating a truly sustainable built environment. Give Big to the EMERGE Leadership Project on May 5th through the Seattle Foundation, where your contributions are stretched by a special pool of funds with the Seattle Foundation.
Anonymous donors have already committed to donating $1025 to The Emerge Leadership Project as part of GiveBig. When you contribute on MAY 5th, your donations will be stretched by the Seattle Foundation through a special pool of funds AND you’ll be automatically entered in the drawing to win a #giveBIG Golden Ticket! Golden Ticket winners get an additional $1,000 given in their name to the nonprofit receiving their donation. You’ll also receive a $100 gift card to Starbucks or Taco Time.
Thankyou. Give what you can to help develop leaders and leadership that can more effectively make a difference. The planet appreciates it.