GiveBig to The EMERGE Leadership Project on TUESDAY, MAY 5th: Reason #1

???????To anyone who cares deeply about our world and its future generations, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to be working from multiple vantage points in all aspects of society to achieve true sustainability – in our homes, in our workplaces, and in our communities. At the community scale, the built environment can both reflect and catalyze the transformation we need to address large scale issues such as climate change, affordable housing, community health and the like.
The Emerge Leadership Project is dedicated to energizing the emergent leadership capabilities of green building professionals and sustainability advocates, with the ultimate goal of fostering a thriving and life-sustaining environment. We have been grateful for the roughly 2000 individuals who have attended workshops, seminars and presentations to help them be more effective leaders in an increasingly complex world. We have been especially excited to see participants in our annual intensive workshop take the lessons learned and the leadership plans they have developed personally and in their workshop teams and achieve real results. (Some of these success stories have been reported in blog posts on our website. More will be reported in an upcoming book “Practicing Emergent Leadership.”) Although we do our best to keep costs down, some participants, particularly those working for government, non-profits (such as affordable housing agencies, renewable energy technical advisors, community-building activists, and green building advocates) have needed financial help attending.
In its third year, The Emerge Leadership Project is hoping to expand its impact in a number of ways: the first is to develop a formal scholarship program to reduce the cost of participating in the annual intensive at Islandwood. These scholarships will provide access to qualified green building professionals, community building activists, and sustainability advocates working for government and non-profits.
Please support this important aspect of making sustainability in the built environment real and rooted. GIVE BIG to the EMERGE Leadership Project on MAY 5th through the Seattle Foundation, when any contribution you make will be stretched through a special matching program. Thankyou. Whatever you can give, is truly appreciated.