EMERGE: Learn and connect to improve your career effectiveness

“Thanks again for…(the) amazing Emerge Leadership program.  I’m still benefiting from its wisdom and the connections I’ve made through it to the larger green building community,” says Bronwyn Barry, Co-President North American Passive House Network, and Director of OneSky. Bronwyn is one of the super dedicated green building professionals in the private and public sector that have participated in the EMERGE Leadership Project’s programs, including its centerpiece, the two-day EMERGE Leadership Workshop.

And SBAers should take credit! The EMERGE Leadership Project is a direct result of SBA grads asking for help taking the comprehensive technical learning they received in the Seattle area SBA program and implementing it in their projects, workplaces, and communities.

Learn and connect with like-minded professionals at upcoming EMERGE Leadership Workshops, with Faculty Kathleen O’Brien & David Eisenberg. Says Jana Chamales, Former Director & Instructor SBA-San Francisco “Kathleen O’Brien is a visionary leader and teaches from an authentic understanding of the green building industry. As the founder of the Sustainable Building Advisor Program, her new EMERGE training is design to give CSBAs an opportunity to gain stronger leadership skills and take green building to the next level.”

Winter Schedule

Islandwood Environmental Education Center, Bainbridge Island, WA. January 8-10, 2015. This retreat setting residency offers on-site lodging and a more relaxed schedule. Earlybird deadline November 18th! More details: http://emergeleadershipproject.org/emerge/events/islandwood-emerge-leadership-weekend-residency/

Southern California Company Gas ERC, Downey, CA. January 14-15, 2015. This two-day workshop offers commuter convenience & economy pricing. Earlybird deadline November 30th! More details:  http://emergeleadershipproject.org/emerge/events/la-emerge-leadership-workshop/

Two options, with the same purpose in mind: Amplifying your capability & your will to lead toward the change we all know is a must: adoption of sustainable building & development as the norm, not the exception.   Contact Kathleen at 206-200-1864, or Kathleen@emergeleadershipproject.org.

SPECIAL PRICING for SBA Grads as a thankyou for your inspiration: The EMERGE Leadership Project offers a “local champion” discount and that includes SBA grads! Combine the Earlybird and Local Champion discount for the lowest possible rate. Affordable, and “Life-Altering.”  (so said Alexandra Ramsden, Sustainability consultant, SBA grad, and EMERGE Alumni)