Leadership & Innovation Go Hand in Hand at Upcoming Slam

GBS 10x10x10 LogoIn late summer, when Peter Locke extended an invitation to me to keynote the NW EcoBuilding Guild’s 2015 “Green Building Slam (GBS)” I didn’t hesitate. As an old-timer in the Guild, I have found Guild members never overpromise. So I promised I’d be there on November 15th at University of Washington’s Kane Hall, and dear readers, I invite you to join me for this once-a-year, intentional and mind-blowing event.

I recently met over dinner with Peter and other GBS planners to learn a bit about the remarkable projects and presenters that will be featured.  What I can report is that the mix of projects, which vary in scale (community vs. single building), market sector (residential vs. commercial), project type (restoration vs. new construction), and location (dry vs. wet side of the mountains) all have one thing in common…they are awesome examples of leadership in action.

These are not “shy” or pale green projects, but consciously, even aggressively, innovative. This follows, as the team that selected the projects featured shared their dream with me that this event will “help define the next stage,” and “show that the “next” stage is attainable, now!”  “Although certification is important, it should be the minimum, the base for our work; and these projects show it’s possible,” enthused emcee and experienced contractor Lucas Johnson. Capable project coordinator Sheena Hewett added that she wants the event to “celebrate the idea of the world as laboratory, as a place to experiment.”

In the fast-paced event (10 presenters have 10 slides and 10 minutes to share their story), you’ll hear about technical innovations used in the projects, but more importantly you’ll witness stories of the willingness to stretch, to share information, to expand the definition of “green” building to include social equity, and more. It’s going to informative; it’s going to be inspiring; it’s going to be fun. I can’t wait.

(Oh, and I wasn’t too surprised that two of the presenting projects – Mighty House’s “Sustainable Makeover” and Living Shelter’s “Net Positive Home in Yakima” are the work of EMERGE alumni! Right on EMERGErs!)

The slam’s only two weeks away, you can learn more details and register at: http://www.ecobuilding.org/seattle/gbs. See you there!