EMERGE Leadership School Bells Ring!

SchoolhouseThis weekend, the change in the air that says “school” was palpable, even here on beautiful and (still sunny) Bainbridge Island, Washington.  Berry’s are going by, the marine air has a “Fall” weight to it, and the book I’ve been writing on EMERGE Leadership this summer is nearly written!  (Three more chapters. So….close.)

So it’s timely to post this winter’s workshop schedule and launch registration.  Take advantage of Earlybird registration options and nail down your commitment to yourself now before the year gets away from you!  And double down your savings with the special “Local Champion” discount which rewards SBA grads and/or active members in local green building and sustainability non-profits.

We have three unique learning events planned for green building practitioners and activists this upcoming “school” year:

January 8-10, 2015:  Islandwood EMERGE Leadership Weekend Residency.  This year, we’ll be opening the Islandwood workshop on Friday night, offering more opportunity to retreat and relax in a beautiful LEED Gold Educational Center set on 250-plus acres.  On-Site lodging included. More information at: http://emergeleadershipproject.org/emerge/events/islandwood-emerge-leadership-weekend-residency/

January 14-15, 2015: Los Angeles EMERGE Leadership Workshop.  We’re partnering with the LA Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council to hold this two-day intensive at the Southern California Gas Energy Resource Center.  More information at: http://emergeleadershipproject.org/emerge/events/la-emerge-leadership-workshop/

February 28, 2015: First Annual EMERGE Alumni Summit: The theme for this summit is “Building the Beloved Community. This one-day event is intended to refresh, restore, and re-ignite our EMERGE Alumni community.  We’ll convene at a beautiful private retreat location on Bainbridge Island. More information at: http://emergeleadershipproject.org/emerge/events/emerge-alumni-summit-building-a-beloved-community/