EMERGE Leadership Workshop Results in….Results!

BuildingTrust_PortlandJoe, a recent EMERGE attendee, says he’s the luckiest guy alive. He went home with a plan to move his market without moving his home & contracting business. Brett achieved all of her 90 day goals on the plan she developed for her design-build business at an EMERGE workshop. David was able to “cross the aisles” to get council backing for a climate action plan he developed as co-facilitator of his City’s green building team.  Results. That’s what the EMERGE Leadership Project is all about, creating real change in the capacity of everyone who attends to lead within and through their professional and community participation.

Who could expect anything less with esteemed guest faculty members like Ann Edminster, Rick Chitwood, Kelly Lerner, Alli Kingfisher, David Eisenberg, and Steve Loken? Join them and I on this journey towards a leadership that works.  Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone say in their book Active Hope that enthusiasm is a valuable renewable resource, and one that we working on life-sustaining solutions absolutely need to nourish in ourselves and others. Spend some time being enthusiastic with us, learning with us, and creating your personal pathway to leadership within the context of emergent support.

The Emerge Leadership Project is a 501c3 non-profit with the mission: To accelerate life-sustaining solutions in the built environment through emergent leadership training.

Some important EMERGE dates:

September 27: Registration closes for the Oct 5-6 EL Workshop at Naturebridge, in Sausalito, CA. Register now! We need to make sure we plan for you.

October 4: Early Bird Registration closes for the Dec 7-8 EL Workshop at Islandwood, in Bainbridge Island, WA. Register now! Save money while saving the planet.

October 25: Keynote: Beyond the Buzz: Sustainability as a Leadership Opportunity for Emerging AIA Professionals, Honolulu. Registration information forthcoming. Stay tuned.

January 15: Early Bird Registration closes for the Jan 24-25 EL Workshop in Earth Advantage Classroom in Portland, OR. Register now! Don’t waste precious time debating.