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EMERGE Leadership Project. Fall 2013 Newsletter

B&BGScheduled Events:

The two-day EMERGE Leadership Skills for Green Building Advocates workshop has been scheduled with venues in the Bay Area, Seattle, and Portland, each with their own flavor but all thoroughly satisfying (check out testimonials on our website.)  Also, as a follow up to an Introduction to EMERGE at the Hawaii Build & Buy Green Conference last May, Kathleen O’Brien will be presenting to emergent design professionals at the YMCA, Honolulu on October 25, 2013 with her keynote: “Beyond the Buzz: Sustainability as a Leadership Opportunity.” Small group discussions to follow; and pupus of course!

Nonprofit Status:

The EMERGE Leadership Project is now a 501(c)3 non-profit. Welcome and appreciation to ELP Board Members: Dallas Jasper (President), John Hickey (Vice President), Meisha Rouser (Secretary), Donna Trost (Treasurer) and Gail Suzuki-Jones.

New Faculty:

We are delighted to add Steve Loken to our Guest Faculty roster this year, which already includes luminaries Kelly Lerner, Alli Kingfisher, Rick Chitwood, Ann Edminster, and David Eisenberg. Guest Faculty are chosen because they are 1) great examples of sustainable building leadership in line with the emergent philosophy, and 2) have a particular and relevant leadership skill they will be teaching. Check out the bios for all our faculty members.

New Partner:

Home Energy Magazine has partnered with us on our workshops this year. HEM has been in the biz as long as Kathleen has! That’s old! If you want to see all of our partners, check out our home page. THANKS ALL!

EMERGE Leadership Workshop Results in….Results!

BuildingTrust_PortlandJoe, a recent EMERGE attendee, says he’s the luckiest guy alive. He went home with a plan to move his market without moving his home & contracting business. Brett achieved all of her 90 day goals on the plan she developed for her design-build business at an EMERGE workshop. David was able to “cross the aisles” to get council backing for a climate action plan he developed as co-facilitator of his City’s green building team.  Results. That’s what the EMERGE Leadership Project is all about, creating real change in the capacity of everyone who attends to lead within and through their professional and community participation.

Who could expect anything less with esteemed guest faculty members like Ann Edminster, Rick Chitwood, Kelly Lerner, Alli Kingfisher, David Eisenberg, and Steve Loken? Join them and I on this journey towards a leadership that works.  Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone say in their book Active Hope that enthusiasm is a valuable renewable resource, and one that we working on life-sustaining solutions absolutely need to nourish in ourselves and others. Spend some time being enthusiastic with us, learning with us, and creating your personal pathway to leadership within the context of emergent support.

The Emerge Leadership Project is a 501c3 non-profit with the mission: To accelerate life-sustaining solutions in the built environment through emergent leadership training.

Some important EMERGE dates:

September 27: Registration closes for the Oct 5-6 EL Workshop at Naturebridge, in Sausalito, CA. Register now! We need to make sure we plan for you.

October 4: Early Bird Registration closes for the Dec 7-8 EL Workshop at Islandwood, in Bainbridge Island, WA. Register now! Save money while saving the planet.

October 25: Keynote: Beyond the Buzz: Sustainability as a Leadership Opportunity for Emerging AIA Professionals, Honolulu. Registration information forthcoming. Stay tuned.

January 15: Early Bird Registration closes for the Jan 24-25 EL Workshop in Earth Advantage Classroom in Portland, OR. Register now! Don’t waste precious time debating.


SBA Lynne Madera: What has EMERGE done for me lately?

LynnephotoI have the tune from “What have you done for me lately?” stuck in my head. You know it. It’s stuck in your head now.

It’s a song by Janet Jackson that, on the face of it, would seem incongruent with servant leadership, a concept central to EMERGE. And yet… it does give a sense of the power you feel when you participate in Emerge training…

The power to stand up for what you believe in.

The power gained from a supportive, collaborative community.

The power to act.

While compressed in its timeframe in order to make it accessible to busy people, EMERGE is expansive in what it offers. Like the SBA Program, it is full of nuggets of knowledge focused on supporting you, where you are now and where you want to go. Like the SBA program, it is full of connections to like-minded peers working in our industry or supporting fields. And like the SBA Program it teaches actionable skills and techniques that are grounded in real experience, in success, in failure, in small endeavors and in big-bang achievements.

“Emerge” is leadership training draws on and builds the core strength we as SBA grads bring to our work – the shared calling to “save the world” through transforming the what, why, and how we shape our built environment. I found EMERGE to be a natural and complementary next step in my training as an SBA grad and as a fledgling owner of my own design business.

With the encouragement and knowledge EMERGE provides, it’s easy to imagine Emergers singing “What have WE done for YOU lately?” We’re ready. Let’s act.

Lynne W. Madera, Architect

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