“I just attended the Emerge Leadership Workshop at Islandwood, here in the Seattle area. I can testify to a tremendously rich and meaningful experience with great networking connections within the built environment field…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Much gratitude to the Emerge Leadership Project for this compelling workshop in these compelling times.”

Dana Stream, Owner, lifestream solutions, a sustainable design and community investment firm

“Many thanks to you for a stimulating and thought-provoking weekend; I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my own leadership style and to work with an excellent group of like-minded folks. Very enjoyable, and I look forward to being a part of the Emerge community as it grows. I look forward to the follow up mentoring session with you.”

Graham Brown, LEED AP, MBA, Trustee, Laird Norton Family Foundation.

“Thank you for such a powerful workshop!! I was really blown away by how impactful it was on me and at such a critical point in my life path. I have completed the exercises in the workbook. It was certainly a good first step towards laying out my greater strategic plan and the personal development goals I need to focus on to achieve it. Thanks again for such a powerful workshop, and being who you are.”

Greg Rock, Link Ventures, LLC, an Infill Development Company.

“I recently participated in the Emerge Leadership workshop at Islandwood, Bainbridge Island. I can recommend this opportunity with confidence. I am already applying the principles learned to my community volunteer positions. It was well worth my time and financial resources.”

Molly McCabe, CGP, MBA, Founder of AKTW LLC- a Residential Design-Build Firm

“…our mini mentoring conference has really helped me zone in on next steps re: leadership. There are some big things happening in the near future for me and I credit a lot of it to the workshop! The whole experience really changed the way I viewed my position at work and life. This has resulted in stepping forward and taking on leadership roles I believe I’m ready for. Thanks!”

Mike Wierusz, one earth solutions

“Life altering!”

Alexandra Ramsden, Director, Sustainability Studio at Rushing

“I was thinking of moving on to new challenges and opportunities…but with the Emerge workshop experience I feel motivated to put in the time necessary to bring our group to a higher level of performance. Our group touches over 8,000 buildings! Thank you.”

Captain John Hickey, Chief Commander of the Coast Guard’s National Energy Efficiency Program

“I am so very glad I went. Life has a way of delivering what is needed at the perfect moment. That is what I felt participating in the carefully crafted workshop with a group of bright sustainability practitioners from around the country…The balance of presentation, dialog, forest walks, community meals, and group projects was impeccable… The leadership principles and practices reinforced my conviction in what we do at our organization, and how to nurture the very best from my team.”

Sean Penrith, Executive Director of Earth Advantage

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