What does it cost?
Each event will have its own rate–including discounts for local US Green Building Council members and Certified Sustainable Building Advisors. Check the Events page for the rates for each offering. back to top

Are scholarships available?
We are particularly interested in promoting leadership diversity in the field of sustainable building as well as assisting non-profits delivering sustainable housing to income-qualified populations. In addition, with current travel and professional education policies, it is difficult for municipal employees to participate. To that end, we are in the process of developing a needs-based scholarship fund. As we have just launched the effort, we don’t have much to offer yet, but please let us know about your need for monetary support so we can move toward making the workshop more accessible to those who want it but whose budgets don’t permit it at this time. back to top

What if I need to pay by check or purchase order?
No problem. If your organization would prefer to pay through a check we can provide an invoice for this purpose. We will also accept purchase orders. For these alternative methods, please send an email request to info@kathleenobrienleadership.com. back to top

What is the refund policy?
Due to the guarantees needed to secure the popular venues we will be reserving for our events, as well as extensive preparation of workshop materials, we will not be providing refunds. The only exception is if the event is cancelled or rescheduled, at which point you are eligible for a complete refund. However you may opt to apply your fee to a future workshop. back to top

Can I register for only part of an Emerge workshop or seminar?
No, Emerge programs are designed holistically. Partial registrations would be disruptive to activities planned and will detract from the experience for individual participants as well as the group. back to top

Can I register for residency workshops without staying at the site?
Participants are strongly encouraged to stay for the entire workshop, including two nights.  Both the workshop program and setting have been designed to provide an intimate and safe container for the work we will be doing. Registration has been capped at 30 for this reason. A huge aspect of the workshop is being a leader within a community of leaders, and we will be working as a group to build that community over the two days. back to top

What are the accommodations for non-residency workshops?
We will strive to provide the opportunity for those traveling affordable lodging close to the workshop venue through block pricing. In addition, we are likely to hold some activities in the location where lodging is being offered. back to top

Should I attend?
Kathleen O’Brien responds via video with an invitation to the special kind of person who signs up for Emerge.back to top

What is the difference between emergent leadership and conventional leadership training?
Emergent leadership as conceived by Kathleen O’Brien is collaborative, rather than power-driven; it is based on the premise that you can lead from any chair, whether you are focusing your energies within your organization or out in your community. Furthermore, the goal of emergent leadership is about more than your personal success. Emergent Leadership training is designed to inspire, inform, and empower you to take a decidedly more creative leadership role in making the built environment more sustainable.  Emergent leadership training reveals itself through the collaboration of faculty and participants, as it offers an interactive and restorative learning environment. Finally, in addition to relying on solid leadership scholarship, Emergent Leadership training is infused with the experiential learning of successful long time leaders in the field of sustainable building.
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What’s the difference between the EMERGE Training options?
There are currently three options for EMERGE Training: 1) An Introductory Workshop which is a two-hour introduction to the EMERGE Leadership Model, highlighting three essentials of emergent leadership, servant leadership, change science, and the context of community. More info; 2) A One-Day Workshop, which is a full day of training presenting the EMERGE Leadership Model, including its leadership, change, and community components. The one-day workshop provides  illustrative case studies, practical guidance, and interactive exercises with the goal of providing advanced leadership skills and high-value connections. Follow up mentoring may be included. More info; and 3) A Two-Day Workshop which is an intensive two-day training presenting the EMERGE Leadership Model, including its leadership, change, and community components. The workshop provides  illustrative case studies, practical guidance, and interactive exercises with the goal of providing advanced leadership skills and high-value connections. In addition, the two-day workshop includes enrichment activities, such as nature walks, scenario planning, and special community building opportunities.  More info. back to top

How will you accommodate special needs?
Send an e-mail to info@kathleenobrienleadership.com outlining any special requirements you have. In addition, as part of our registration process, your registration packet will include a link to an electronic survey that will ask about dietary requirements and other special needs. Please note that Emerge workshops will include physical integration of the emergent leadership concepts, including an outdoor exercise and a moderate yoga experience. back to top

Will the workshop meet my professional continuing education requirements?
GBCI has approved Emerge training for CE hours for those maintaining LEED credentials: 13 CE hours for the two-day intensive workshop, and 1.5 hours for the Introduction. The two-day workshop will also earn you credit for the Living Future Accreditation under the International Living Future Institute. All attendees of Emerge training receive a certificate of attendance. If you are interested in self-reporting learning units for other professional organizations, this certificate can be used to verify your participation.back to top

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