Full Workshop

There are two versions of the “Full Workshop”: a one-day workshop and a two day intensive.

Both workshops introduce the EMERGE Leadership Model (ELM) aimed at building individual, organization, and community leadership capacity in order to develop practical, integrated solutions and create a truly sustainable built environment.

The EMERGE Leadership Model (ELM) embodies at its core servant leadership, which expands the reach of leadership beyond that available simply through position and power, as well as the context of community, which amplifies the positive outcomes of your leadership efforts. In addition, ELM relies on the best social change science available.

Both workshops offer presentations based on faculty experience and the latest research, group discussions, illustrative case studies, practical guidance, and interactive exercises.  The two-day intensive allows for enrichment activities, such as nature walks, team scenario planning, special community building activities and time to begin drafting a personal leadership development plan. The two-day intensive offers a more intimate setting with limited enrollment.  Complimentary follow-up mentoring may be available for one-day workshops, depending on faculty participating. Mentoring will be available for two-day workshops. Participants in one or two day workshops will have access to EMERGE Leadership Alumni resources and “refresher” opportunities.

For the two day workshop: GBCI has approved 13 general CE hours for participants of workshop.  ILFI has approved 13 hours towards Living Future Accreditation. Please self-report for the one-day workshop

Participants will:

Gain Knowledge

  • Be introduced to a leadership philosophy that is uniquely suitable to sustainable thinking and practice and works, regardless of title or position.
  • Learn the theory behind behavioral change: why it’s a challenge, and what it takes to move towards sustainable thinking and practice.
  • Learn how the principles of quantum physics, field theory, self-organization, and other new science ideas provide a scientific basis for emergent leadership and the integrative process.

Be Inspired

  • Hear about speakers’ and attendees’ personal and professional journeys.
  • Join in team-building exercises and scenario development to gain confidence in your ability to immediately apply the theoretical and practical principles of Emerge. (Two day schedule)
  • Experience a holistic approach to learning that incorporates the outdoor environment, physical integration, intellectual stimulation, and community context. (Tw0-day schedule)

Acquire New Skills

  • Develop leadership competencies that you can use in your professional and personal lives to create a more sustainable built environment.
  • Apply leadership practice and tools to a variety of real-world case studies. (Two-day schedule)
  • Leave with a personal development plan that expands on the workshop experience while addressing your unique leadership challenges. (Two-day schedule)

Build Community Context

  • Attend optional follow-up mentoring sessions with workshop leader Kathleen O’Brien (See discussion of mentoring above.)
  • Access resources and ongoing networks available only to Emerge alumni.

Can’t make it to the full workshop?  Consider an “Introduction to Emergent Leadership.”