A society in which a sustainably built environment is the norm represents a dramatic change in thinking and practice. Are you called to create this change?

Emergent Leadership Project offers an approach uniquely suited to finding integrated solutions, whether it is for brick and mortar design projects, or for the design of policies and programs that positively impact how our built environment is created, maintained, and renewed.

Hear from Kathleen O’Brien about the special kind of person who chooses to attend Emerge training.

Either a one or two-day training is recommended in order to hone advanced leadership skills. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend, consider attending we have a shorter version, which gives a basic introduction of Emerge.

Introductory Class  Full Emerge Workshop

Who Should Attend?
Emerge is designed for forward-thinking and dedicated design/build professionals, municipal and corporate green team members and/or sustainability coordinators, facility managers, developers and real estate professionals, building owners and property managers, sustainability consultants, and leadership and staff of non-profits dedicated to promoting or providing sustainable buildings and developments, including affordable housing and economic development agencies.

Are you interested in hosting a training?

The EMERGE Leadership Project is interested in bringing our training program(s) to your area. If you wish to host a training, please contact the Executive Director at