Community Building

Community is the heart of Emergent Leadership both in terms of getting results and sustaining the day-to-day leadership effort.

Live Networking

Emerge workshops provide participants with two days of meaningful connections with other passionate advocates of green building.  Relationships developed during these retreats can spark friendships, future partnerships, peer coaching towards leadership goals and more.

Social Networking

Emerge participants will be connected to a variety of online communities to take advantage of these networks to build community and stimulate further Emerge insights. The open LinkedIn Emerge Leadership Group is a place for Emerge Faculty and Alumni to reach a wider audience with Emerge news and discussions.   The Emerge Alumni LinkedIn group is by invitation only, upon completion of a workshop.


Emerge Blog

Read the blog to find articles and videos will focus specifically on leadership issues, practices, and solutions that apply to our field and addressed to the larger audience of those interested in promoting sustainability in the built environment.

Bring Emerge to Your Area

If you would like the workshop held in your area, please let us know.