Bring Emerge to You

Emerge training is available in two formats — a two-hour introductory workshop and a two-day intensive workshop. Training can be offered:

  • through open enrollment, targeted to individual green building advocates.
  • as an in-house workshop for public and private sector¬† organizations that design, build, own, or operate aspects of the built environment, as well as public sector organizations that set and maintain enabling policy impacting these activities.


For publicly offered training, organizations may sponsor all or part of the costs. (Please note that the workshop financial model is one of cost-recovery only.) Partial sponsorship options include workshop scholarships, reception(s), or special activity. Publicly offered training will be scheduled in locations where there is local support and apparent demand, and in particular where an organization or individual is interested in “hosting” the workshop.

For in-house workshop, a fee will be negotiated to cover the cost of the training with a representative from the organization conducting the training.

If interested in bringing Emerge to your area or organization, please contact Kathleen O’Brien at