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“O’Brien & Company is a proud sponsor of the Emerge Leadership Program (ELP). Our sponsorship is a natural extension of our company’s mission and vision to create a high performing built environment through transformative work that fosters leadership at many levels, delivering enduring value to every organization and project.” – Elizabeth Powers, Principal, O’Brien & Company

Listen to Chris Edlin, Project Associate with O’Brien & Company talk about what he got out of EMERGE workshop training, and by extension, why O’Brien & Company is a major sponsor.

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HeatSpring is an online education company offering a robust portfolio of technical, expert-led trainings for leaders in clean energy and green building. Students earn continuing education credits for AIA, LEED, NABCEP, BPI, and more and access knowledge and real-world skills necessary to continue making a positive change in the world. The EMERGE Leadership Project is an affiliate of HeatSpring and is offering a FREE COURSE on HeatSpring’s platform: “EMERGE: Strategic Leadership for the Sustainable Building,” a series of 20 interviews and presentations recorded in 2014 and an important complement to Kathleen O’Brien’s book “EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community (pub. 2016)


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Kathleen O’Brien is an internationally recognized expert in sustainable building, having been working in the field since the early 80s. Her work with municipalities, trade associations, non-profits, and design and construction professionals has resulted in thousands of green buildings and trained green professionals across the country. She recently transferred ownership of her award-winning company to employee principals, and is dedicating the next several years providing guidance directly to those dedicated to providing leadership in the field of sustainable building. The result is Emerge. It is labor of love.  For more information about this project and the philosophy see www.emergeleadershipproject.org.

For that reason, Kathleen is seeking sponsors for the project and for specific Emerge Events. Sponsors will have a clear mission to support the development of a sustainable built environment within a sustainable society, either as their core work or as an explicit philanthropic goal.


Sponsors of Emerge events will receive:

  • Recognition on the www.emergeleadershipproject.org website (live logo linking to the sponsor’s website).
  • Acknowledgement in the bound handbook provided to participants in the event being supported by the sponsoring organization.
  • Acknowledgement in advertising for the event.
  • Registration discounts.
  • Verbal acknowledgement of sponsorship during event welcome, and introduction of sponsor representatives (if attending).
  • In addition, local green building organization members may be granted a registration discount . Specifics to be negotiated.

Sponsors of Emerge events will provide one or more of the following. Specifics will be negotiated.

  • Publicity through the sponsor’s media outlets including placement of Emerge announcement/logo on the sponsors website and link to Emerge registration.
  • Commitment to send members of the organization (discounts will apply)
  • Commitment to sponsor scholarship(s) for the following: Representatives from non-profits promoting green building, including but not limited to non-profits promoting green affordable housing, as well as individuals who represent under-represented populations in the green building arena, such as people of color and women. Such individuals must meet the following criteria: they must have an understanding of sustainable building concepts and its techniques, are convinced of its benefits, and willing to take a leadership stand on its behalf.

Sponsorship through Scholarships

If you want to contribute to a scholarship fund, please contact Kathleen O’Brien at info@kathleenobrienleadership.com.