EMERGE Leadership Workshop Lands in Pittsburgh September 11, 2018

Want to launch a policy initiative, a commercial enterprise, a professional career transition or community project? Hoping to lead successfully on a deep green project? The EMERGE Leadership Workshop has for some time been a popular addition to the quiver of sustainable building professionals and activists…but ‘til now you’ve had to travel to the West Coast to take advantage of the program.  That’s about to change! As part of the Living Products Expo this Fall, the workshop that has been seen as “life altering” and inspiring by leaders in the field is coming to Pittsburgh.  Led by EMERGE Founder Kathleen O’Brien, the workshop introduces the EMERGE Leadership model, showcases examples of the emergent leadership approach in action, while providing ample opportunity to discuss what this means for workshop participants in their professional and personal lives. An in-depth scenario activity will prepare participants to apply emergent collaboration. Participants who register will receive a FREE copy of “EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community.”  This program garnered high praise and 100% positive evaluations at Living Future 2018 (See survey graphic).  Learn more and register for the event at https://productexpo.living-future.org/schedule/