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Okapi’s Take on EMERGE Leadership…the Book

Since my book EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community is written expressly for practitioners focused on sustainability, it is extremely gratifying that Okapi Architecture, a design firm located in Los Angeles, has reviewed the book and found it helpful.  Okapi was established by Ying Wang in 2010, with the passion to bridge the gap between conventional architectural design, sustainability, and energy efficiency. In the firm’s March, 2017 newsletter, Lance Williams (the firm’s program manager) says: “EMERGE is an advanced training manual that will benefit many people seeking to understand the ever-evolving profession…it is a primer in how to take the breakthroughs of green building technology and merge them with a big picture approach. The primary goal is to…have an organized framework by which individuals have a set of tools to work collaboratively, plan effectively and communicate through a common language.”  For the full review:

For an in-depth dive into the EMERGE Leadership Model, consider attending the workshop “EMERGE: Leadership for a Living Future” May 16th, 2017 as part of the week-long Living Future Conference and workshops.    I’ll be teaching along with Daniel Huard, of Greenview Global.  If you register by April 16th, you’ll get a FREE copy of my book.  Learn more and register…


Opportunities to EMERGE at Living Future this May! Lead with Genius & Courage

The Living Future Conference is the leading event for regenerative design, with a week of workshops and a full conference offering high-test education and inspiration.  Because the event is finely tuned to the needs of professionals and activists committed to leadership, EMERGE is a natural fit.  If you are interested in shaping the future for good, and the courage to persist, here’s what you do:

Register  for EMERGE Leadership for a Living Future, May 16th 1-4pm: This action-packed half-day workshop will introduce the EMERGE Leadership Model to practitioners and activists working for a Living Future. Kathleen O’Brien, Founder of the EMERGE Leadership  Project will be joined by EMERGE Faculty Daniel Huard from Greenview Global.  This is a “shoulder” event scheduled the afternoon before the full 2017 Living Future Conference. EMERGE Leadership workshops have been considered “life-altering!” Attendees registering by April 16th will receive a FREE copy of EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community.

Register for the Living Future Conference Wednesday May 17-18, 2017 . This year’s theme is “Genius and Courage” and there’s a terrific program including keynotes Van Jones and Kirsti LukeAnd check out this session: “Deep Genious: How to Address Mindset and Create Conditions for Change Through Conversation.”  Jenna Cramer, Cara Rude, Nicole Isle, Patricia Culley, Lorraine Doo, and Bungane Meholmakulu will be joining EMERGE Founder Kathleen O’Brien in a demonstration of a conversation technique that is especially conducive to creating connections and emergent solutions.  Come join us 3:45pm, Thursday, May 18th.

And don’t forget to visit the Conference bookstore where you’ll be able to purchase lots of great resources, including EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community, which captures the concepts, stories, and tips that have been developed over the years by EMERGE Founder Kathleen O’Brien.  The book comes with a bonus… FREE web-based enrichment materials, including videos, exercises, and templates. According to Jason McLennan, this book is “a great gift to the green building community.” (And Kathleen will be happy to autograph any books purchased at the bookstore!)

The EMERGE Leadership Project is a Supporting Sponsor of the 2017 Living Future Unconference.