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The EMERGE Leadership Project wins big in Las Vegas

Greenview Global (GVG) took a gamble recently, staging a the first full-day workshop in the Las Vegas area at the sustainably designed and themed Springs Preserve.  Team GVG, including Daniel Huard, Dave Ray, and Rick Van Diepen (shown in photo) lasvegas-rickpulled together a program designed for local leaders from government, industry, and non-profits that promised to help them perform more effectively in their respective roles.  GVG’s hope was to offer inspiration and practical leadership guidance that would help in any context, but particularly aligned with creating change within complex systems – the kind of change achieving true sustainability demands.

And it looks like the gamble paid off. Watch Heather Abel, Strategic Partners Manager, Las Vegas Monorail and Bob Morin, Deputy Manager, National Security Technologies, as they share their reactions to the training with Daniel directly after the training. (Apologies for the back ground noise, but unlike typical educational experiences, most of the attendees did not appear anxious to leave…excited, engaged conversations went on for 45 minutes after the training ended!)

lasvegas-perspectiveframingexerciseIn addition to hearing Daniel, Dave, and Rick speak to local sustainability leadership initiatives and case studies and how emergent leadership could be used to enhance such efforts, the group was able to do several interactive exercises focused on leadership skills…such as the ability to “witness” or observe without judgement. While touring the LEED Platinum Springs Preserve facility, participants used “frames” to get a better understanding of  perspective and how different things can look just by how we “frame” it.

Kathleen O’Brien, author of EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community andlas-vegas-kathleenvegenation founder of the non-profit EMERGE Leadership Project was guest speaker for the workshop, sharing personal lessons learned that resulted in the formation of the EMERGE Leadership Model.   O’Brien was also the guest at a community event held at Veggie Nation, a restaurant supporting local sustainability initiatives (photo), as well as a book signing event at the local Barnes & Noble.

More Las Vegas workshops are planned and will be posted at