Rouser Interviews Author of EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community

Emerge Front Cover OnlyRouserSHowEarlier this year, Meisha Rouser, organizational psychologist interviewed Kathleen O’Brien, author of the new book Emerge: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community for her weekly radio show. Highlights of the interview focus on how to intentionally create positive change in our organizations and ourselves. O’Brien and Rouser discuss how it is “story” (and often multiple story lines) that prevent change or act as a drag on positive change. By making our story(ies) explicit, however, we open ourselves to the positive possibilities existing within those stories and O’Brien shares an example of a design project that benefited from this process. Emergent leadership benefits a great deal from understanding where we or our organizations are attitudinally towards a particular positive vision. O’Brien and Rouser discuss what researchers tell us about the six stages of change and how we might use this understanding to create positive change.

Meisha Rouser is a leadership and organizational development coach in the Seattle area and has served as Board Secretary for The EMERGE Leadership Project since 2014.  Her weekly show airs on KKNW 1150, one of the largest radio markets in the U.S.  All her shows are recorded and you can subscribe to the podcasts at:

Kathleen’s book is out and will be featured THIS WEEK at the tenth annual Living Future Conference. Book launch, signing and talk schedule here.