EMERGE & HEAT SPRING: The Perfect Learning Partnership for Strategic Leadership Education

HeatSpring logo (5)The EMERGE Leadership Project provides leadership development support including training, mentoring, and tools to green building professionals and advocates with the ultimate goal of making this world a better place for all living species, now and into the future. HeatSpring is an innovative educational platform offering high-quality content online courses by industry experts on topics such as solar energy, HVAC design, geothermal technology, and green building.
HeatSpring has recently become the home of the Sustainable Building Advisor Program, a training & exam certification program geared to industry professionals wanting a comprehensive treatment of green building. HeatSpring offers the program in a combination of on-line and local project experience formats. For this reason, Kathleen O’Brien, EMERGE Founder and instrumental in the long-time success of the highly respected SBA program, felt HeatSpring was the perfect partner for a new venture.
This Spring, O’Brien will release her new book, EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community. Members of the sustainable building community who have participated in EMERGE programs have successfully launched policy initiatives, commercial enterprises, professional transitions, community projects and more. The book is intended to expand the EMERGE Leadership Project’s reach, sharing the model at the core of EMERGE programs, along with case studies, practical guidance, a personal leadership development template, and bonus exercises to assist the reader on their personal leadership journey.
Meanwhile, HeatSpring has released a FREE on-line course EMERGE:Strategic Leadership for the Sustainable Building Community consisting of 20 recorded presentations and interviews with the author on topics covered in the book. “The training offers a valuable learning experience tailored to the HeatSpring community, and we’re happy to offer it as a complement to Kathleen’s new book,” says Gabrielle Rossetti, Director of Product Development & Marketing at HeatSpring.
Although the course is framed as a three-week course, there’s no time-limit, so you can choose to watch the videos as you read the book. Or, you can prepare for the book by taking the course now!
For more information and a free preview (Chapter 1) of the book, go to www.emergeleadershipthebook.org.