Creating and Living the Story is the Theme of This Year’s Alumni Event

OntheWayEvery organization, every individual, every community is living a story, whether conscious of it or not.

By clarifying what that story is, an emergent leader is more able to do a number of things:

Reveal the layers of story, some of which are likely to conflict with the vision the story represents, while others may actually be the “gem” that needs to be polished; Influence the narrative arc, by better aligning story elements; and  create positive change using story.

Story can help you animate projects and ideas for your clients, communities, businesses in a way that data dumps and checklists just can’t. At the Summit, in addition to connecting with each other, eating healthy,delicous food, and enjoying a beautiful spot on island waterfront, we’ll explore story – how to create it and live it to achieve the positive change we want to see in the world.  This will include some story telling – something we don’t often do very well in our professional lives.

Please register today. If you are telling yourself — “not sure I have the time” – that’s just one possible story. Come join us! Reserve your place.

And enjoy these highlights of a radio interview I did in early February with EMERGE Alumni and Board Member Meisha Rouser. We talk about story as a leadership mechanism for change. Looking forward to seeing you there.