EMERGE 2016: Ready to Go!

Suspension BridgeIMG_0854This weekend, twenty-plus green building professionals and advocates from the business and non-profit sector will be coming together to learn, connect, and grow at the EMERGE Leadership Workshop Islandwood Residency, with the goal of leading more effectively and ultimately achieving a life-sustaining built environment.  Participants are coming from far (Nevada, British Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona) and near (Western Washington) and we are ready! Workbooks are printed and include scenarios inspired by pre-workshop surveys. Our hosts at Islandwood are busy prepping healthy meals, docent-led walks, outdoor fire pits, and the yoga studio.

Many feel that 2016 is an important year for those of us working towards sustainability, with a climate change accord in place. Several participants signaled their concern about this global issue in their surveys while wondering if we can move the industry towards more integrated (and therefore more effective) solutions on the ground.   Affordable housing is also high on the list, and no surprise: our group includes representatives from three non-profits that design and/or develop affordable and community housing.

Those who have participated in EMERGE programs have successfully launched policy initiatives, commercial enterprises, professional career transitions, community projects and more. The sustainability coordinator of one leading design firm has called EMERGE training “life-altering.” So we have high hopes for this group! This year, the workshop marks an advance release of “EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community.” Those who registered for event will be getting a pdf of the book, which describes the leadership model that is at the core of EMERGE programs, along with case studies, practical guidance, a personal leadership development template, and bonus exercises to assist emergent leaders on their journey.

(Stay tuned for the official book launch ; to save resources it’ll primarily be available on-line in e-book and print-on-demand formats; we also plan to have it available for purchase at the Living Future 16 bookstore and other events.)