EMERGE’s First Ever GiveBig Campaign a Success!

Give Big May 5 2015On May 5, 2015, The EMERGE Leadership Project (ELP) participated in the Seattle Foundation’s annual GiveBig Campaign, where donations are stretched by the Seattle Foundation through a special pool based on donations of the previous year. The ELP received over $3,300 donations which are prioritized as follows:
1) funding scholarships to support participation in EMERGE Leadership workshops by government employees and those representing non-profit organizations.
2) defraying costs for producing and distributing “Practicing Emergent Leadership” a Guide for Green Building Practitioners and Advocates to allow for no and low-cost distribution.
3) supporting community workshops that bring the message of emergent leadership to stakeholders hoping to address community development issues, typically contentious, in a more collaborative, solution-oriented manner. We are already in discussions with stakeholders in one community to hold such a workshop.

Donors are gratefully listed at http://emergeleadershipproject.org/give-big/

Although the GiveBig campaign is complete for 2015, on-line donations are still accepted at the Seattle Foundation/EMERGE Leadership Project portal. We are grateful for any support you may be able to give.