GiveBig to The EMERGE Leadership Project on TUESDAY, MAY 5th: Reason #2

Give Big May 5 2015
The EMERGE Leadership Project is dedicated to energizing the emergent leadership capabilities of green building professionals and sustainability advocates, with the ultimate goal of fostering a thriving and life-sustaining environment. While many sustainability projects focus on the results, the EMERGE Leadership Project’s “beam” is focused on the people who will bring those results into reality.

In her upcoming guide for green building practitioners and advocates, “Practicing Emergent Leadership: Leading for Change,” author (and winner of multiple leadership awards in the field) Kathleen O’Brien notes: “Given the urgency of our times, we need lots of leaders, and lots more effective ones. And given the complexity of the issues involved, we need these leaders to be working from multiple vantage points within and through our organizations, and at all levels of community. We cannot continue our simplistic reliance on leadership by charismatic celebrity, titled personality, and/or through legal force.”

To date, roughly 2000 individuals have attended workshops, seminars, and presentations conducted by The EMERGE Leadership Project to help them be more effective leaders. Kathleen has challenged herself and us to do more. “We need to expand our reach, and grow this leadership network exponentially. That’s the only way we can achieve our ultimate goal of TRUE sustainability.” For that reason, the Project is planning to distribute “Practicing Emergent Leadership: Leading for Change” as widely as possible. In addition to practical guidance on leadership development, this e- book will include inspiring case studies of individuals in the field who have successfully applied emergent leadership concepts. Book owners will have access to timely on-line resources. By defraying production costs, the Project hopes to distribute the book at low- to no-cost to as many people as possible at EMERGE events, and through distribution programs set up with like-minded organizations.

Please support this important aspect of making sustainability in the built environment real. Give Big to the EMERGE Leadership Project on May 5th through the Seattle Foundation, where your contributions are stretched through a special matching program. Thankyou. Whatever you can give, is appreciated.