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EMERGE in Canada: Alumni Dawn Smith carries EMERGE message to peers in Ontario


Dawn Marie SmithIn early March I had the pleasure of bringing Emerge to the conference of the Ontario Natural Building Coalition (ONBC). The ONBC had expressed interest in the work of Emerge, and I had accepted David Eisenberg’s invitation to present a two-hour distilled version of the full two-day workshop with him, attempting to relate the highlights of the material to a room full of builders, teachers, and interested locals. I had attended Emerge as a participant for the first time only a few months before, but had quickly realized the applicability of the material and its incredible interconnection with so much of my own avid reading and experience. Now I was attending with my shoe on the other proverbial foot: as a co-presenter instead of a student.

Co-presenting also challenged me as a young woman working in green building to bring my voice forward and speak honestly to my colleagues about the leader I want to be, the kind of leaders I call on them to become, and the shared bright future I hope we will walk into together. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to present the material with David to our colleagues in Ontario, and to understand myself within the movement we share on a deeper level.

ED Note: Dawn Smith attended the December, 2013 Islandwood EMERGE Residency. Sign up for the next Island Residency now! Photo credit: David Eisenberg.