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Join in discussions with your EMERGE Community via Google Hangout

Upcoming Google Hangout: Thursday, May 8th  3:30 p.m. PST

Google Hangout

Google Hangouts are a wonderful way for the EMERGE Community to stay in contact and keep the connections and collaborating going.  During the most recent Portland workshop our Guest Faculty Steve Loken raised the issue of (re)creating cities in a way that would incorporate the lessons of nature, but reflect the reality that some of us “like things the way they are!”

Hence the topic for our next discussion: What does the truly sustainable city look like? And given the reality that some of us (perhaps many of us) “like things the way they are” what can/should we do as emergent leaders?

If you would like to attend please email us at:

This Hangout does not have a cost associated but in order to attend you will need create a Google plus account and once you RSVP to attend you’ll be sent details on how to set that up.

We’re looking forward to sharing insights and creating community with you then!