January 2015 Islandwood Residency Expanded in Response to Demand

Suspension BridgeThe annual EMERGE Leadership Residency at Islandwood is about to undergo a CHANGE!  Ironic, isn’t it, since the workshop is all about helping us become better change agents?  Many alumni have felt that the residency at Islandwood merits more time to digest the experience of EMERGE, and to simply relax and take in the beautiful natural setting that the Islandwood Environmental Education Center avails us. In response to this desire, the schedule for the next EMERGE workshop at Islandwood will include Friday evening.  Friday evening’s session will focus on connecting (to people and place), and allow participants to be fully present for Saturday’s work sessions.  (It also means you won’t have to take that 6:20 am ferry to arrive on time for Saturday’s opening session!)

So if, in addition to downloading lots of good learning,  you are hoping to experience a retreat from your everyday life…pencil in January 8-10, 2015.  We’ll be uploading registration information soon!

The commuter-version schedule for the workshop will remain two-days. Information on commuter locations will be forthcoming.