EMERGE Leadership Project. Fall 2013 Newsletter

B&BGScheduled Events:

The two-day EMERGE Leadership Skills for Green Building Advocates workshop has been scheduled with venues in the Bay Area, Seattle, and Portland, each with their own flavor but all thoroughly satisfying (check out testimonials on our website.)  Also, as a follow up to an Introduction to EMERGE at the Hawaii Build & Buy Green Conference last May, Kathleen O’Brien will be presenting to emergent design professionals at the YMCA, Honolulu on October 25, 2013 with her keynote: “Beyond the Buzz: Sustainability as a Leadership Opportunity.” Small group discussions to follow; and pupus of course!

Nonprofit Status:

The EMERGE Leadership Project is now a 501(c)3 non-profit. Welcome and appreciation to ELP Board Members: Dallas Jasper (President), John Hickey (Vice President), Meisha Rouser (Secretary), Donna Trost (Treasurer) and Gail Suzuki-Jones.

New Faculty:

We are delighted to add Steve Loken to our Guest Faculty roster this year, which already includes luminaries Kelly Lerner, Alli Kingfisher, Rick Chitwood, Ann Edminster, and David Eisenberg. Guest Faculty are chosen because they are 1) great examples of sustainable building leadership in line with the emergent philosophy, and 2) have a particular and relevant leadership skill they will be teaching. Check out the bios for all our faculty members.

New Partner:

Home Energy Magazine has partnered with us on our workshops this year. HEM has been in the biz as long as Kathleen has! That’s old! If you want to see all of our partners, check out our home page. THANKS ALL!