SBA Lynne Madera: What has EMERGE done for me lately?

LynnephotoI have the tune from “What have you done for me lately?” stuck in my head. You know it. It’s stuck in your head now.

It’s a song by Janet Jackson that, on the face of it, would seem incongruent with servant leadership, a concept central to EMERGE. And yet… it does give a sense of the power you feel when you participate in Emerge training…

The power to stand up for what you believe in.

The power gained from a supportive, collaborative community.

The power to act.

While compressed in its timeframe in order to make it accessible to busy people, EMERGE is expansive in what it offers. Like the SBA Program, it is full of nuggets of knowledge focused on supporting you, where you are now and where you want to go. Like the SBA program, it is full of connections to like-minded peers working in our industry or supporting fields. And like the SBA Program it teaches actionable skills and techniques that are grounded in real experience, in success, in failure, in small endeavors and in big-bang achievements.

“Emerge” is leadership training draws on and builds the core strength we as SBA grads bring to our work – the shared calling to “save the world” through transforming the what, why, and how we shape our built environment. I found EMERGE to be a natural and complementary next step in my training as an SBA grad and as a fledgling owner of my own design business.

With the encouragement and knowledge EMERGE provides, it’s easy to imagine Emergers singing “What have WE done for YOU lately?” We’re ready. Let’s act.

Lynne W. Madera, Architect

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