2013-2014 EMERGE Leadership Faculty: Stellar Lineup Features New & Old

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This Fall and Winter, the EMERGE Leadership Workshop for Green Building Professionals and Advocates will feature returning faculty as well as some new surprises.

Kathleen O’Brien, Founder of the EMERGE Leadership Project, will continue to lead the workshop and will, as before, team up with long time green building professionals, authors, and advocates David Eisenberg, Director of DCAT, and Ann Edminster, of DesignAVEnues.  This year, however, she’s invited colleagues Alli Kingfisher, Kelly Lerner, Rick Chitwood, and Steve Loken to join her.

EMERGE Guest Faculty share some very important qualities. “In addition to a significant body of training experience,” says Founder O’Brien, “they are exemplars of Emergent Leaders themselves.” They also, she adds, “have depth of knowledge in skills they can pass on that are of particular use for Emergent Leaders. And every one of them have contributed seriously to the progress we have made in green building to date. We are extremely grateful we have such a stellar lineup.”

Alli Kingfisher and Kelly Lerner (Spokane, WA), for example, will be presenting on methods to encourage meaningful collaboration, as well as demonstrating graphic facilitation.   Steve Loken (Missoula, MT) will be presenting on his leadership journey, and in particular how he has used the tool of practical demonstration to create a new way of thinking in design and construction.  Rick Chitwood (Mt Shasta, CA), will be presenting on his journey from an introverted techie to a transformative market player through his business, his training, and more recently, his advocacy regarding California policy.

For more information: See www.emergeleadership net.  For more details on Faculty, please check out: http://emergeleadershipproject.org/emerge/faculty/

Here’s the Schedule with info on registration:

October 5-6. Naturebridge, Sausalito, CA.  Kathleen O’Brien, Rick Chitwood, Ann Edminster. Register at:


December  7-8. Islandwood, Bainbridge Island, WA. Kathleen O’Brien, Alli Kingfisher, Kelly Lerner, David Eisenberg.  Register: http://emergeleadershipproject.org/emerge/events/islandwood-residency/

January 24-25. Earth Advantage Classroom, Portland, OR. Kathleen O’Brien, Steve Loken, Ann Edminster

Register:  http://emergeleadershipproject.org/emerge/events/elw-portland/