Gratitude for Emerge

by David Eisenberg

Just wrapped up the 5th Emerge Leadership Workshop, this one in Portland, Oregon. And it was another amazing experience. I love the brilliance that emerges as people explore deeper ideas of leadership in service to a much larger purpose. What an honor to get to do this work! Deep, deep gratitude to all involved!  Thank you Kathleen O’Brien, especially for initiating this.

The next workshop is scheduled in the Fall and the workshop description is available on this web site.

I will say that it has been a wonderful opportunity to step back and reflect on my own path and experience, the lessons learned about change, about organizations, about personal capacity, and about leadership itself – and then to begin a process of putting those lessons and ideas and experiences into a useful form for others. And then to do so repeatedly, over time in the company and collaborative process of developing a workshop with others for whom I have great respect, admiration, and joyful connection. And then, to have the opportunity to spend two very full days with groups of committed, intelligent, caring and loving people focused on how we learn to lead in service to our larger and deeper purposes at the personal, organizational and community levels has been a fantastic and unique experience each time.

And the laughter that has consistently accompanied the work is more great medicine…

Editor’s Photo Caption: Lots of laughs and bright ideas with the “Building Trust” scenario. L-R (Brett de Santis, Gail Alexander, David Eisenberg, Stephen Aiguier, Howard Thurston).