SRO at EMERGE Clinic in Seattle

The Building Capacity Training Room at O’Brien & Company‘s headquarters was packed last week as 20-plus alumni from the EMERGE Leadership Islandwood residencies converged to share solutions and network. The agenda for the 1.5 hour clinic was simple: introductions, since there were folks from three separate residencies in 2011 and 2012; team “slams” on questions that had been submitted by email; and a quick report and critique on team solutions.  We then retired to Fado, the local Irish pub, for the “happiness” segment. Remember? “Happiness is not an individual matter.”

For the clinic, we focused on the following very practical questions:

  • What is the most effective way to use the internet to market ourselves?
  • How does one go about making a positive impact without over-committing or spreading oneself too thin?
  • In a world of so many great ideas…how do we as leaders decide what to focus on next?
  • How do we convince municipalities to strengthen enabling policy language (in codes or other city documents that currently includes fuzzy language such as “should” or opt-out clauses, such as “if feasible” that allows developers of major projects to do business as usual?

Each team was tasked to identify the larger purpose behind the question (if not clear from the question statement), constraints affecting achievement, and at least one actionable step to take toward achieving that purpose.

Feedback was immediate and positive. We want to do this again! Besides meeting up with fellow EMERGERs and sharing the “Whoo-hoo” call (if you attend, you’ll find out what that means), it was according to several participants, “helpful to be reminded of the EMERGE principles and to be of service to others who are dealing with similar issues to me, but at a different place in the process.” Several actionable items were identified by teams, with commitments made by individuals for accountability. Powerful, collaborative, leadership development.

EMERGE Clinics are Free, but only available to EMERGE Alumni. We’ve scheduled a clinic in San Francisco as a follow-on to the EMERGE Leadership Naturebridge workshop held this past January, and anticipate that EMERGE alumni will use this model to build community and hone their leadership skills in a supportive, creative environment.

For more information on EMERGE read the workshop description. You can also sign join the open Emerge Linked in Group.