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Community: The third element of Emerge

The first two elements of the emergent leadership model are leadership best practices and change technology. The third element is the powerful context of community. The most obvious aspect of community-based, aspirational leadership is the use of collaboration to inform and shape decision-making and actions that “stick.”

Less obvious, but just as important, is the idea that emergent leaders benefit from and can rely on an affinity group of like-minded professionals for support and thoughtful dialogue. It’s much easier to work on change when you know someone has your “back,” so to speak. This someone shares your long-term vision of a sustainable future, and like you has a commitment to lead towards that vision. If they can do it, you can too, right? And, because you have developed a deeper connection than you might at a networking function, it’s easier to be transparent about the challenges and successes you find on your leadership road — thus making your continued personal leadership development possible.

Because of this, community building has been a part of the Emerge Leadership Project’s dream from the beginning. It is with great pleasure to announce several new developments:

1. Emerge Discussion Group. Any Emerge Alumni can set up a local Emerge discussion group to get together for coffee, sharing books, and…discussion! The first to launch is in the South Puget Sound area. Dan Smith, CSBA of Clover Park Technical College and Brett De Santis of Brett Marlo Design Build have set January 13th for their first get together.

2. Emerge Refresher. Depending on availability, 1-2 seats will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to Emerge Alumni at the 2-day Emerge: Leadership Skills for Green Building Advocates. Cost will be minimal (to cover meals, lodging if applicable, and workbook repro). Julie Kreigh, of Kreigh Architecture, audited the latest Emerge Islandwood Residency, and can attest to the power of a second chance to play with the Emerge curriculum.

3. Emerge Clinic. In February 2013, we’ll be launching the first of quarterly Emerge Clinics in the Seattle area. The “programming” is going to be very simple.  Emerge founder Kathleen O’Brien will be there to facilitate and Emerge alumni will bring a question/issue/scenario they want the group to tackle.  The group will decide the order in which they will tackle the issues. No charge, but only alumni are allowed in. We’ve had some suggestions to alternate between live and remote video-conferencing for our long-distance learners. We’ll try live only first, and see what “emerges!” We’ll follow the 1.5 hour clinic with a social hour for plain old networking.

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