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Impactful & Inspirational Career Experience

Please enjoy this graduate’s testimonial about his experience at the two-day Emerge workshop:


I’d like to share with you the most impactful & inspirational career experience that I’ve had at the Emerge Leadership Workshop. A weekend at Islandwood with Kathleen O’Brien and her team gave me the perspective that I had been searching for. The workshop can be credited for my renewed passion of which I’ve found within NOVO Painting & Property Services. Many of the lessons that I’ve learned through my experience has been applied throughout my career and new business.

Emergent leadership is based on collaboration and is “designed to inspire, inform, and empower you to take a decidedly more creative leadership role in making the built environment more sustainable.” -Emerge

I’ve gained the perspective that genuine relationships based on respect fuels positive collaboration amongst team members and enables better outcomes in sustainability as well as everyday business. This change from a “heirarchy” leadership style to a “collaborative” leadership style is one that I will foster and work to improve through NOVO.

…Mahalo to Kathleen, John, David & Fiona for such a motivating and empowering weekend.

Do not miss this opportunity!

– Cole Palea

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