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Emerge Leadership Project Takes Workshop to California

In economically and politically uncertain times like these, we need all the help we can get. Even seasoned green building advocates can get burned out and lose their direction. That’s why long time green building advocate, leader, and author Kathleen O’Brien has launched the “Emerge Leadership Project” to help those working in the trenches to promote green building development and enabling policies and activism. “It’s easy to lose focus and effectiveness when you are fatigued,” O’Brien notes, “and that’s what happens when you are trying to take transformative action without tools and support. Emerge is exactly about providing those tools and support.”

Emergence is a systemic approach of leadership forged from multiple elements — servant leadership philosophy, change technology and practice, and community impact — that is drawn from scholarship as well as the nearly 30 years experience O’Brien has in the green building and sustainable development field.

“With so much at risk, environmentally, economically, and socially, we really don’t have time for quick fixes or conventional approaches that don’t work,” she says. “Things are going to change, it’s just a matter of directing that transformation in a way that results in a more sustainable society for all.”  With her in this work are friends and authors, and emergent leaders in their own right: David Eisenberg, Executive Director of the non-profit DCAT, the Development Center for Appropriate Technology based in Tucson, AZ, Ann Edminster, LEED AP, principal of Design Avenues in Pacifica, CA, and Kathleen’s partner, John Cunningham, MA Org.L., a conflict resolution expert.

O’Brien has designed a two-day intensive for community, business, and industry green building advocates convinced that a sustainable transformation is needed and called to help create it. It will debut for the first time in California this October 6-7 at NatureBridge (Marin Headlands).

As part of this debut, she and Ann Edminster will offer introductory sessions around the region that will provide an overview of the concept, and a taste of learning modalities provided in the two-day intensive.”We are very lucky to be partnered with local chapters of the Green Building Council for this work, as well as the Bay Area Sustainable Building Advisor Program. These organizations are so important to nurturing the kind of leadership we need.” Introductory Sessions will be held in Pleasanton in conjunction with the Diablo East Bay Branch of the Northern California Green Building Council and in Yountville, Santa Rosa, and San Rafael, in conjunction with the Redwood Empire Green Building Council. In addition to a presentation on emergent leadership, both Kathleen and Ann will be available to autograph books for sale.

Both the workshop and introductory sessions offer CE hours through the Green Building Certification Institute allied with the US Green Building Council.