Why Emergent Leadership?

The EMERGE Leadership Project is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to energizing the emergent leadership capabilities of green building professionals and sustainability advocates through training, mentoring, community engagement, and other support, with the ultimate goal of fostering a thriving and life-sustaining environment.


The EMERGE Leadership Project achieves its promise to energize the EMERGENT Leadership Capacity of green building professionals and advocates through:

Training:  Participants hone advanced leadership skills and make high value connections at public workshops (including an annual weekend residency and two-day commuter workshops) at various locations around the country, as well as in-house privately contracted workshops. More benefits are detailed at Emerge Leadership Workshop.  Short introductions to the topic (as part of conferences or training series) can be arranged. EMERGE Alumni put together this video describing how the workshop helped them.

Mentoring & Other Resources: Mentoring plays a special role in helping EMERGE Alumni achieve their leadership commitments. A follow up complimentary mentoring session is available with the EMERGE Leadership Workshop; specially priced mentoring packages are available to EMERGE Alumni. More information at: Resources. The Resources page also provides a list of suggested publications and videos on topics covered in EMERGE Leadership Training.

Community Building: Community is the Heart of Emergent Leadership both in terms of getting results and sustaining the day-to-day leadership effort. EMERGE Alumni have access to resources designed to inform their practice and support their work.  In 2015, EMERGE Alumni are invited to attend the first annual EMERGE Alumni Summit where we will continue to learn, and connect.

*Interested in watching EMERGE VIDEOS?  You can find them in by clicking Contact and then Press Kit.